Every assistance puppy is reared and socialized by a loving volunteer puppy foster family over a 12 - 15 month period.  Each caring family takes an assistance puppy into their hearts and into their homes, bringing the puppy up under the guidance of our Puppy Foster Care Supervisor.    All veterinary, food and puppy equipment is provided for and you are supported every step of the way.

Each puppy is taken out to all types of environments and attends regular training to help prepare it for life as an assistance dog.  The puppy wears a red jacket as identification and has access to public places.  All of this is done to ensure that the puppy's future career as an autism assistance dog is a success. 

If you think that you could give your heart and energy to this amazing and rewarding role, if you could commit a couple of hours every day to training a puppy to be a life line to a child with autism and their family, then we would love to hear from you.