"Autism effects the whole family but so does Nana.... We don't know how we would have managed the last few years without her".


"Thomas is one of five children so it's a busy house.  Before AADI gave us Nana, Thomas was hard to manage when we were out and about. He had no understanding of danger and would often bolt on us. He had meltdowns in shops that would attract awkward looks, which is understandable as autism is not a visible disability. 

Thomas loves to be on the go but as he got older he no longer wanted to be strapped into a buggy or hold my hand. Family outings were well planned out.  Everyone would be well reminded on what to do in different situations to stop him from coming to any harm. 

When Nana joined our family it was like winning the lotto.  From the first time Thomas was attached with Nana, he skipped beside her.  All of a sudden we all looked forward to going out and about in our community with Thomas much more.

The awkward looks from previous years turned into positive looks and strangers coming over to talk to us.  This brought on Thomas's confidence and language greatly and he loves introducing Nana to everyone. 

Autism effects the whole family but so does Nana.  She is so well trained and loved by us all. 

We don't know how we would have managed the past few years without her.  Most importantly, people can now see that Thomas has a disability when he is attached to Nana and Nana has given Thomas the ability to be part of our community. 

We can now be like a normal family....in public anyway!!"