Carmelito Abragan

14 Swims in July 2023

I'm taking on the 14 Swims in July Challenge!

Thank you for supporting me on my 14 Swims in July Challenge. I am delighted to be taking part in this fundraiser and help raise vital funds for the training of life transforming Autism Assistance Dogs. With your donation, we can continue to transform the lives of children with autism.

It costs €25,000 and takes 2 years to train and place an Assistance Dog. They do not charge families for these life transforming dogs. The charity is entirely supported by fundraising and donations. Please donate what you can and support me and this wonderful charity.

My Achievements

Thank you to my Sponsors


Cres Abragan

Happy to be part of the 14 Swims for the month of July 2023. I will be doing now my 14th Swim while processing this donation. All the best for the good work the Autism Assistance Dogs Ireland are doing and keep up the good work.


Cheska Baricua


Ciara Abragan


Carmelito Abragan


Michelle Decipolo


Ryan Kuizon