St. Oliver Plunkett National School

By L. Henry

We have chosen this charity because it is involved with a past pupil and has provided great help to their  family and many others. We were the first Primary school in Ireland to welcome an assistance dog through our doors.

The staff of St. Oliver Plunkett National School are asking you to donate to this charity instead of giving teachers a Christmas gift. 

This year also the children are allowed to wear their christmas jumper every Friday in December instead of one christmas jumper day. In the past we asked for €2 donation for this one day again we would like to redirect these donations to this charity.

Thank you for your support.
The Board of Management. 

My Achievements

Thank you to my Sponsors


O'brien Family (dublin & Celbridge)

We are related to the Pettit family and know how much joy and invaluable assistance that Bella has brought to Rebecca and her family down through the years. It is very generous of you all to support AADI.


Michelle Gordon


Elizabeth Pettit


Sharon Fahey