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How to get started...

While you’re streaming on Twitch, YouTube, Facebook or another platform, you can now use Tiltify to seamlessly raise funds for Autism Assistance Dogs Ireland (AADI). It offers amazing features to take your fundraising to the next level and you can be sure the funds go directly to our cause. Here’s how:

  1. Visit our Tiltify page and click SIGN UP in the top right corner
  2. Create an account and choose your SOCIAL/WEBSITE of choice
  4. Choose a CAMPAIGN NAME
  5. Select the DATES you’d like to fundraise and set a FUNDRAISING GOAL

Once you create your campaign, you are all set to begin streaming and raising funds!

Logos & Brand Guidelines

Get ready for your charity stream by incorporating AADI into your content. Download AADI logos HEREIf you need a logo in a different format just drop us an email to ivan@aadi.ie

We encourage you to proudly present this logo to your audience, but please keep the following in mind:

  • Do not change the color of the logo.
  • Do not remove parts of the logo.
  • Use the logo for good, don’t display it in a way that may be misleading, unfair, defamatory, infringing, libelous, disparaging or obscene.
  • Do not use the logo anywhere that displays adult content, promotes gambling, violence, hate speech or otherwise violates any other laws or regulations.

Donate Now Button

Use THIS PANEL IMAGE on your broadcast profile and link it to your campaign fundraising page.

Talking Points

Help spread the word about the work AADI is doing to change lives, and help increase understanding and awareness of autism, by incorporating the talking points below in your promotional materials and livestream.

  • 1 in 65 children are diagnosed with autism
  • Many adults with autism remain undiagnosed
  • An Autism Assistance Dog keeps a child safe by being attached to them via a belt to prevent them from running into danger
  • A Companion Dog can provide emotional support to an adult or child with autism at home
  • Autism Assistance Dogs Ireland provides Autism Assistance Dogs, Companion Dogs and Autism Awareness Workshops
  • Every €1.60 donated feeds a puppy in training for a day
  • We do not charge families for a dog, we are not government funded, we are entirely supported by amazing people like you


Videos will be available to download here soon... In the meantime, we are always adding videos to our YouTube channel and our social media. If you spot one you would like to use, just email ivan@aadi.ie with the URL and he will provide you with a download link for it.


Any questions? Please contact our Social Fundraising & Engagement Officer Ivan: Ivan@aadi.ie

Thank you for your support! 

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Spread Awareness

By opening up the conversation of neurodiversity you are raising awareness and understanding.

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