Companion Dogs

A companion dog is suitable for a child with autism who doesn’t need a dog for safety when out in public places but may benefit from the companionship of a dog at home.

These dogs are brought up on our puppy foster care programme and will be approximately 12-18 months old when they are placed with the child and their family. Companion dogs are dogs that are released from our programme early because, for one reason or another, we feel they will not reach the high health and training standard required to fully qualify as an assistant dog and meet the standards of Assistance Dogs International (our accrediting body). Companion dogs DO NOT have access to public places.

A Companion Dog acts as a constant companion to the child with autism in their home environment helping to give them a sense of responsibility, reassurance and support.

Autism companion dogs do not ask the child lots of questions, use humor that the child does not understand or expect the child to behave in certain ways that are difficult for the child to conform to. 

Hence, families frequently talk about how the Companion Dog is like a non-judgemental best friend to their child with autism, a strong bond is formed and the child's quality of life improves dramatically.

Our waiting list for companion dogs is currently closed due to overwhelming demand. We are working hard to re-open our waiting list and reduce our current waiting time. We need your support to do this as we are reliant on public fundraising and donations to provide vital funds so we can train as many of these life changing dogs as possible.

You can help change the world for a child with autism today