Miss Pink, Mr Blue, Mr Purple, Miss Red and the golden angel Zina!

After a difficult start, the first 2 weeks has not been easy for our little heroes but with mammy Quinney looking after them and loads of care and attention (including sleepless nights) from our volunteers, they are thriving.


We would like to introduce you to each of the puppies:

Miss Pink, the eldest and first born, was the smallest but is gaining weight and has a coat that looks like black velvet with a tiny white ‘star’ mark on her chest.

Mr Blue was born second and he is a squishy and fluffy and pulls himself around like a seal! He is also very vocal and likes to be heard.

Mr Purple, unlike his brother is the strong but silent type. He is a very contented, independent little man and is happily gaining weight like his brother.

Miss Red the fourth born who struggled with her sister Zina at the beginning but is now gaining weight and doing really well.

Sadly day 4 saw the loss of Zina, the golden angel but it also meant the turning of a corner for little Miss Red. Day 8 saw the first proper photo shoot with little Miss Pink posing beautifully on the AADI blanket for Nuala. She’s going to be a Instagram hit this one! The brothers and sisters are starting to hang out with each other more now and use each other as pillows - the boys are well built for this! Miss Red was still causing a bit of concern so the decision was made to take her off to the vet. We were advised we were over being over cautious and that slow weight gain is perfectly normal due to the fact that she is being bottle fed. The vet thought we were all going mad when we asked if it was possible to express mammies milk to feed her! He didn’t realise just how important these little heroes are and the extent to which the volunteers and AADI will do the help them on their way.

Our little heroes

Our little heroes

On Day 11 Miss Red graduated to wearing a collar as she had gained enough weight so it finally fitted - she wears her little red collar with pride. Her two big busting brothers spent the day hanging out under the pig rail - hard to know where one starts and the other ends!  They all started their training this week - the earlier they get used to things the better. It's all about making them tolerant to different situations.

By day 14, now two weeks old, the little gang are getting on well. People often wonder why it costs so much to train an assistance dog but anyone reading Lynn’s posts (Lynn is the amazing foster mammy who has given up her home to Quinney and her fur babies) since before Quinney had this litter can already see the amount of vet's visits, heat lamps, heat pads, weighing scales, puppy milk, vet beds are needed to support these little heroes - the list really does go on and on.

By next week we hope these fur balls will start to wean and there will be extra food for them (extra sleep for us). If you would like to support and stay up to date with the puppies, please clink on the link below and follow our Facebook fundraiser.