We are changing the world for children with austim

Every year we work hard to provide as many children as possible with the life changing support of an Autism Assistance Dog. These dogs are invaluable and improve not only the child’s life but the whole families.

This isn’t respite, an hour a week of intervention or a week away in Disney World. This is a life line to a new and better world.

Read below the amazing stories of how our Autism Assistance Dogs change lives. To sponsor a puppy in training and change the world for a child with autism please click here.

Ben and Chester

Ben and Chester

a new life for ben

Linda Christianson firmly believes that her son Ben's assistance dog changed all of their lives.

“People suddenly saw my child differently, they understood that there was a disability and they became much more supportive of all of us.

Ben started to answer people because they were asking him about his dog or talking to him about his dog and he started to engage more. “

Rebecca and Bella

Rebecca and Bella

Rebecca’s Story

“Simple things like going in to a shop with Rebecca were a nightmare.  She would run away, go into places she wasn’t allowed and we were like an army around her trying to keep her safe….

…We are all so much happier as a family now since we have Bella.  Rebecca’s autism is out in the open, the community now know Rebecca.  They have never seen more of her.  She has moved to a mainstream school, even though she has limited speech, and this is all because of Bella. “

Adam and Earl

Adam and Earl

Autism and us

“My other children were like little security guards, watching exits if we had to go to the shop...

…Since we got an autism assistance dog from AADI, all of my children can now live a normal life.  Adam feels calmer and he is now safer…

…Adam even started to say to Earl, “I love you” and as a result he now can spontaneously say to myself and Neill, “I love you”.  As parents, to hear your child finally tell you that he loves you is incredible.”