Who Are We?

Autism Assistance Dogs Ireland is a national charity providing highly trained assistance dogs for children with autism and their families. Our dogs are specially trained to provide safety, independence and companionship to children who would otherwise live in a very isolated world. These dogs help to transform the lives of children and their families.

An assistance dog is suitable for children with autism from the age of approximately 4 years to 12 years ( Children of all ages are eligible, however for Children beyond this age group, Companion Dogs are usually more suitable).  

To be added to the waiting list for an Assistance Dog please call our office on 022 43851 or contact us.


What We Do

assistance dogs

These dogs are working dogs and wear a jacket to identify them and have full access to public places.

companion dogs

These dogs act as a companion to the child in the home environment helping to give them a sense of responsibility.


A puppy foster carer role involves a 12 to 15 month commitment and is a very important and rewarding role in the life of the dog. 

How Can You Help Us?


It takes up to 2 years to train each dog, initially the pup is placed with a Puppy Foster Carer who are all volunteers and brings up the pup for the first 12 months ensuring it is well socialised in order for it to become a suitable assistance dog. This is a lengthily and costly process but you can contribute in various ways to help these pups in their training and everyday lives. 





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