Our Mission

Our mission is simple: To change the world for children with autism.

Our dogs can open up a whole new world of opportunity and possibility for children with autism and their families.

We are also committed to raising autism awareness, understanding and inclusion within the community.

Founded in 2010 we are a national charitable organisation CHY19293

Assistance Dogs

Companion Dogs

Autism Awareness

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Your support today is helping to fund...

Over 300 hours of specialist training, this month, to our future heroes

Over 300 kilograms of food, this month, to fuel our pups in training

Over 300,000 hours of support this year will be provided to children with autism by our assistance dogs

Where our funds come from... and how they're spent

58%Public donations & fundraising
34%Corporate fundraising & sponsorship
0%Government Funding

63cTraining & placing autism assistance dogs
26cRaising awareness & vital funds
6cAdministration, accounting & governance
5cOverheads (office, telephone etc)

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