"As a mother, all you ever want is for your child to be accepted for who they are.  Rebecca was born like this.  This is not her fault.  When you see your child rejected by society, ignored, it breaks your heart.  It's awful.  But Bella has been a guardian angel to my child.  She is in sync with Rebecca, she can even sense when Rebecca is going to have an epileptic seizure and alert us.  Bella calms Rebecca before any of us know that she is becoming distressed.  Because Rebecca is more relaxed she can focus, concentrate, learn.  She is no longer imprisoned by her autism".                                     Elizabeth Pettit, Rebecca's mum


We are a national charity set up to transform the lives of children with autism and their families, by providing highly trained 'task specific' assistance dogs to children with autism to support them to overcome the sometimes distressing elements of this invisible disability.

We are dedicated to raising awareness about the critical and transformational role that autism assistance dogs play in the lives of children with autism. 

We firmly believe that all children with autism should be supported to reach their potential, should be included in every part of society and live lives free from discrimination, exclusion and lack of understanding.

Our dogs are specially trained to provide safety and companionship, reduce anxiety and suffering, promote independence, and improve coping mechanisms of children with autism who would otherwise live in a very isolated world. 

It takes two years to train and skill an autism assistance dog to the standards necessary to ensure that their partnership with a wonderful child with autism is a true success.