Assistance Dogs

Meet Skye

Skye is one of the many assistance dogs we have trained over the past 10 years. The demand for these life changing assistance dogs is overwhelming. We are reliant on your support to train as many of these amazing dogs as possible each year.

Learn more about how you can get involved and change the world for a child with autism.

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An assistance dog is suitable for children with autism from the age of approximately 5 years to 12 years. We review our criteria annually including our age criteria. Our criteria is in place to ensure the highest possible success rate and benefit of each placement. 

Statement of Values

These highly skilled dogs are more than a friend. They are trained to keep their child companion safe. Attached via a belt to the child, these dogs listen and respond to the commands of the parent/handler. The dogs primary focus is to prevent the child from running into danger when they are out and about.

An assistance dog is not a pet but a service dog that is trained to provide safety and to support the child with autism to overcome the distressing elements of their disability and to live the life that they deserve.

As the partnership between the child and assistance dog develops our research shows that these special dogs:

  • Reduce anxiety and stress not just for the child but for the whole family
  • Support the child in learning coping mechanisms that last a lifetime 
  • Improves communication skills
  • Increases confidence
  • Eases sleeping problems

Every family’s story is different.

Every child with autism is different.

Every Autism Assistance Dog changes the world for a child with autism. 

All children with autism and their families are assessed for suitability and given special training to ensure that the partnership with an autism assistance dog is a success and has a positive lasting impact for everyone.

Assistance dogs are trained from 8 weeks of age and it can take up to 2 years for them to reach the high standard required. Read more about the training of assistance dogs here.

Our waiting list for assistance dogs is currently closed. It was last opened in July 2021 and will reopen again around the same time in 2022. We need your support to do this as we are reliant on public fundraising and donations to provide vital funds so we can train as many of these life changing dogs as possible.

You can help change the world for a child with autism today