Opening Doors with a Simple Question: Launching the Failte Programme

08 Feb 2024

Opening Doors with a Simple Question: Launching the Failte Programme

Yesterday marked a significant milestone for Autism Assistance Dogs Ireland (AADI) with the launch of our new Failte Programme and Failte Badge certification. This initiative, conceived alongside four incredible volunteer Niall O’Halloran last year, aims to support businesses across Ireland in becoming Autism Aware and Service Dog friendly.

The journey to the Failte Programme began with a series of talks and visits to businesses and college campuses. The warm reception and success of these visits highlighted the challenge of spreading our message one visit at a time, prompting us to think differently.

A New Approach

Our goal for 2024 was to create a programme accessible and informative to the widest possible audience. The solution: a digital portal. However, this was not something our team could build. Enter H-Training, a Cork-based business whose team, led by Ciaran Hourican and Lorraine Lucid, embraced our vision with open arms. Their dedication and expertise brought our online training platform and certification process to life, launched yesterday in Dublin and soon to be featured across our sectoral partners' training portals, including IBEC and Failte Ireland.

Ensuring our message reached the broadest audience necessitated another partnership, this time with the exceptional team at Alice PR. Martina and Sara from Alice PR have been instrumental in amplifying our launch, allowing us to share our news across local, regional, and national media. Their commitment, driven by a strong social conscience, has been invaluable to our mission of transforming the lives of families living with autism.

How To Get Involved

The Fáilte Programme invites your organisation to join us in fostering a more inclusive and supportive environment for children with autism. The registration process is straightforward and free of charge, a transformative journey that begins with a simple click.

Fáilte Programme Registration.

Yesterday’s launch is just the beginning. The enthusiasm from our national bodies and the support from businesses like H-Training and Alice PR underline the widespread commitment to change. We are excited for what 2024 holds and eager to see the positive impact our programme will have on families across Ireland.

Autism Assistance Dogs Ireland is on a mission, supported by partners and the community, to enhance the lives of families with autism. Through the Failte Programme, we're one step closer to a society that truly understands and embraces the needs of those living with autism.