Transform Lives with your Legacy

Join us in changing the world for children with autism...

At Autism Assistance Dogs Ireland (AADI), we are dedicated to transforming the lives of children with autism by providing specially trained service dogs that enhance safety, expand horizons, and improve lives.

Since 2010, we have worked alongside communities across Ireland to offer these life-changing services to families free of charge. By considering a legacy gift, you can play a crucial role in ensuring that this vital support continues for future generations.

Meet Lynn Christianson, who shares her experience on how AADI transformed her family's life when they met their Assistance Dog, Chester.

Why choose Legacy Giving with AADI?

Impact: Your support directly contributes to training more assistance dogs, thereby impacting more families. Each dog requires two years and €25,000 to train.

Legacy: A legacy gift leaves a powerful, enduring impact, reflecting your values and commitment to social change.

Tax Efficiency: Legacy gifts can effectively reeduce the inheritance tax burden on your estate.

How you can make a difference

Bequests: Including a gift in your will is one of the simplest ways to support AADI and leave
a lasting legacy.

Life Insurance Policies: Nominate AADI as a beneficiary to provide a substantial future gift.

Retirement Plan Assets: Designating AADI as a beneficiary of your retirement plan assets can offer tax advantages for your estate.

"When we got Dougal, I knew things would change, there was light at the end of the tunnel. Anna has a complete lack of awareness of safety. She has no sense of what is safe and what is not. Having Dougal now enabled us to go out as a family. Just walk down the street. Having Dougal is an absolute gift and our family doesn’t take him for granted for one minute. If you walked in my shoes for one day, you would see what it was like and what a difference Dougal has made. I wish the same for any family with a child who needs a dog.

— Tina Gill, mother of Anna

Ethical Standards and Donor Intent

At AADI, we are committed to the highest ethical standards in promoting and managing legacy gifts. We ensure transparency, accountability, and respect for donors' wishes, using all legacy gifts in accordance with the specified wishes of the donor. Unrestricted gifts are allocated to the areas of greatest need within AADI's operations.

Recognition and Confidentiality

We respect the wishes of our donors regarding recognition and confidentiality. Legacy donors will be acknowledged in a manner that aligns with their privacy preferences.

Legal Compliance and Stewardship

All legacy giving activities comply with applicable laws and regulations. We seek professional legal and financial advice to manage legacy gifts effectively and ethically. AADI is committed to stewarding legacy gifts by providing timely acknowledgements, reporting on the impact of the gifts, and maintaining ongoing communication with donors' families when appropriate.

Partner with us

Solicitors play a pivotal role in advising clients on philanthropic giving within their estate planning. By introducing your clients to AADI, you can help them leave a lasting legacy that significantly impacts the lives of individuals with autism. We also establish partnerships with legal and financial advisors to facilitate the legacy giving process and ensure all gifts are managed in accordance with best practices.

Contact us

To learn more about how you can make a difference through legacy giving, please contact us at 021 235 7107 or email Alternatively, you can use the contact form below to enquire.