Our Dogs

Assistance Dogs

Assistance dogs are trained to the highest international standards to provide safety to children in public places. Assistance dogs enable children to go out and about safely and reduce anxiety not just for the child but for the whole family. They can be a lifeline for children and their families when a child is suffering from the sometimes debilitating symptoms of autism.

School Support Dogs

In 2022 we began our School Support Dog pilot programme. We placed 3 dogs between primary and secondary schools. The dogs have consistently demonstrated positive impacts for students and teachers within the schools, so we are pleased to be able to continue with this programme.

Our Training Program

It takes 18-24 months to train, assess, qualify, match and place an autism assistance dog with a child. Puppies enter our training programme no later than 8 weeks of age and undergo rigourous socialisation, training and assesments throughout their journey to become a life changing support for a family. Our training programme is supported by volunteer puppy fosterers, a skilled puppy training supervisor and qualified assistance dog instructors. 

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Sponsor a Puppy

From as little as €3 perweek you can sponsor a puppy in training. As a puppy sponsor you will recieve regular updates enabling you to follow the journey, of your chosen puppy as he goes through our foster care programme, on to intensive training and finally matched with a child on our waiting list and placed as an assistance or companion dog. Your support will help change the world for a child with autism.

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You can help change the world for a child with autism today