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My target 50 kms

Sunny Saturday

What a beautiful morning for my walk.  There's a local ginger cat that usually walks alongside me for a few houses before stopping, as if to say, "that's as far as I may pet me now".  I haven't seen him for the past few days and I miss his company.  Hope he's OK, maybe he'll join me for Part of my final trot for the month tomorrow! 😉 

Last few days

Yesterday was a busy day but I still managed to get my walk in.  The back still isn't right but I think the slow walking is helping.  Slow & steady and all that! 😉 

Still Going despite a little bump in the road....literally!

I haven't logged my progress for a while  for two reasons... 
Firstly, I had a fall.  Walking to the Luas with hubby after a fab night watching James Bond. There was an unlit part of the road we were on and a huge chunk of the pavement sticking up which I didn't see and went flying and skidding along the ground.  Ended up beng taken ito A&E after two very nice policemen who were driving past at the time took me there.  I was OK but badly bruised, cut and hurt my back which I'm still nursing but managing to walk albeit alot more slowly.  
The second reason for no updates was a technical issue with my Fundraising page which is now resolved and I'm uploading my activity from my Fitbit.  Thankfully, I have that to prove my mileage to date! 😉 

Walk off the Monday Blues

Windy but not deterred....started my week with a good walk...5 km/3 miles done. Not bad for a Monday! 😉 

Tuesday Trot

Thankfully it was lovely & dry for my walk this morning.  Amazing what you can notice in your own neck of the woods when you take the times to look!
4 km /2.5 miles done today. 😁

Sunny Sunday

Got out nice & early again today accompanied by strong winds but didn't let that deter me from the task at hand! 😉 

Sunny Saturday

5.5km done through my local park and surrounds today. Great to get out & enjoy nature before the busyness of the day takes hold!  

Where the Winds Blows

Day 1 of my walking challenge and challenge it was.  Beautifully dry and sunny but the wind made it that little bit harder uphill at times.  Happy to have done my first walk today! 

Walk 50 miles in October challenge

I am fundraising for autism assistance dogs. I would love your support.

I am fundraising for Autism Assistance Dogs Ireland because their highly trained assistance dogs open up a whole new world of opportunity for children with autism. They rely on people like you and me to support them as they receive no government funding. Please support me so together we can help transform the life of a child forever.

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