Make a gift in honour of someone special

Donate in honour of someone special and help change the world for children with autism.

Donating to Autism Assistance Dogs Ireland in honour of someone is a thoughtful contribution. By this you honour an individual and you honour the need to provide a lifeline for children who are suffering debilitating symptoms of autism. Honouring someone with this donation reflects on your good nature and your desire to make a difference.

We will send you personalised card with message confirming a donation has been made by you and who it was made in honour of. 

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Could fund a month of feed & training treats for puppy in training.
Could fund one essential flea & worm treatment for a puppy or dog in training.
Could fund a packet training treats for a puppy in training.
Could fund the initial vital equipment required for a new puppy entering our training program.

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We would love to stay in touch so we can share with you the amazing impact your support has. Please let us know if you are happy for us to contact you.
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