Introducing the 'I' litter

30 Nov 1999

For those of you who follow our Facebook page, you will already know that the ‘I’ litter arrived on the 9th March - 9 big beautiful golden puppies, 5 boys and 4 girls. This is Mammy Luna’s second litter and she is flying it as a second time mammy, very relaxed and taking this big brood all in her stride. 

Of course, as they are very valuable future super heroes, mammy Luna is getting a lot of help and care from our amazing volunteers, most especially Lynn and Michael, Luna’s foster mammy and daddy. As the puppies get a bit bigger, the brothers and sisters are starting to hang out with each other more now and use each other as pillows. Each evening our amazing volunteer couple weigh each pup and they are piling on the ounces! They also do the ENS with them, which is basically twisting and turning them and getting them used to different sensations. It is supposed to cause them a little bit of stress in a controlled way to improve their immune system and stress tolerance. All the pups seem to be taking this activity in their stride! 

But there is a lot of (smelly) work involved in keeping these superheros clean and healthy. Thankfully they don’t need any toilet paper so no panic buying needed on our part. Each day the box is cleaned out and all the towels etc are washed and dried. It takes a huge amount of time and energy to look after the bundle of wriggly, whining balls of golden fur.

Anyone following Lynn’s “New Tails” posts on Facebook can already see the amount of vet's visits, heat lamps, heat pads, weighing scales, puppy milk, vet beds that are needed to support these little heroes - the list really does go on and on. By next week we hope these fur balls will start to wean and there will be extra food for them (and extra sleep for Lynn and Michael). A huge thank you to everybody who is supporting us, without you we would not have been able to bring these life changing pups into the world. 

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