Puppy dog tales ... The I Litters first week

19 May 2020

The I litter each moved to their new foster homes on 5th May 2020 and have been adjusting to their new surroundings and being on their own.

Their first big challenge was to get used to sleeping in their crate alone at night without their brothers and sisters. Understandably some cried the first night but their crates are now their safe space where they can rest and take a break. Puppies have a natural sleep/awake cycle and need lots of sleep to grow and process what they have been experiencing throughout the day. 

They have a lot to process especially as their training has now started. Most of them have had trips in the car, done some lead training and tried on their AADI ‘puppy in training’ jackets. Don’t they look super cute? Jacket training is very important at this young age. The puppies need to get used taking the jacket on and off frequently so it becomes second nature to them. Soon they will associate it with ‘working’.

As well as training they are getting used to their new families, both the routines and other family members like children, cats and even rabbits. This is all part of the world of learning for these little superheroes. The more they experience at this young age, the more resilient and confident they will be as fully trained autism assistance dogs.

It takes a huge amount of commitment and dedication as well as resources to train one of these superheroes. We need your help to train these puppies and invite you to sponsor Isak or Indi. By committing to making a monthly donation, big or small, you will be joining Isak or Indi on their journey through exclusive regular updates giving you news on their training and adventures. Your support will help ensure they can graduate as autism assistance dogs.

Your support will be changing the world for a child with autism.