Puppy Sponsorship

Would you like to sponsor a special puppy and follow their training journey?

We offer tailor made sponsorship packages for companies and groups to sponsor a specially selected puppy throughout its training journey. 

It costs €25,000 and 2 years to train and place an autism assistance dog so it can change the world for a child with autism. You can support a puppy in a number of ways throughout its full training journey or just select to support a puppy throughout its first or second year.  You can also choose to support the cost in acquiring a puppy for training and its introduction to the puppy foster care training scheme. 

You can make a donation for the chosen amount of the sponsorship you wish to give or you can set an amount as a fundraising target to achieve over the course of a year or two. 

By sponsoring a puppy in training you are changing the world for a child with autism.

We tailor sponsorship packages to ensure that it is mutually beneficial and you receive the most rewarding experience in exchange for your generosity. Some of the things we can organise are:

  • Option to choose a name for the puppy
  • Regular updates on your puppies progress that you can share internally or across any social media or printed publications
  • Have your company logo printed on the puppies training and working jackets
  • We can bring your sponsored puppy for a meet and greet visit
  • An invite for a representative to join us at your puppies graduation where you will get to meet the volunteer foster families, assistance dogs trainer and the parents of the child who has been matched to your superhero
  • Regular pictures as your puppy grows that you can share internally or across any social media or printed publications
  • Autism awareness workshop or talk

If you are interested in supporting us by sponsoring a puppy in training, please contact Vasya on 086 411 2123 or email Vasya would be delighted to assist you in organising the perfect sponsorship package.

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You can help change the world for a child with autism today