Huskies, Roaring Fires, Northern Lights & Untouched Nature...

Last year, 9 intrepid volunteers from the AADI community embarked on a 9 day, 250km trek across Sweden, driving a team of huskies, camping in secluded cabins and tents along the way and caring for your own pack of sled dogs. Your final destination will be the world-famous ice hotel in Jukkasjärvi.

For this life changing experience, together they raised more than €125,000 to support AADI's mission. Because of their fundraising efforts, they had the experience of a lifetime and ensured that we had the funding available to train FIVE Autism Assistance Dogs! 

This year, we are looking for 22 ambitious and adventurous fundraisers who will take this challenge to support AADI's efforts.

No experience required...
Full training provided.

This is a challenge in the truest sense of the word and will be a real test of your endurance. Remember, you will be on your feet for the majority of the day and will participate in all aspects of camp life including feeding, bedding, and preparing the dogs, putting up and taking down tents, and cooking for camp using the stoves and equipment provided and making hot drinks!

The Requirements

This experience is the closest most of us will ever get to relying on a dog like our families do.

For more than a week, you will rely on your team of dogs, and experienced guides, to navigate across the snowy forests of Lapland while raising mission-critical funds for AADI!

Participants will be asked to set a fundraising target of €10,000 and will need to raise a minimum of €7,000 to participate in this challenge. There is a €350 registration fee to secure your place.

If you are up for embarking on this journey of a lifetime, with an incredible story to tell afterwards, get in touch below!

Register Interest

Limited places are available, so if you are up for a challenge of a lifetime, please contact Vasya at or call 086 411 2123 to learn more about how you can secure YOUR place on this transformative adventure!

Alternatively, fill the form below for Vasya to contact you: