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Being selected for an Austism Assistance dog: A life changing gift for my family

As the mother of two sons ( Aaron 11 and Joshua 7 ) with autism, we have faced significant challenges in supporting their unique needs.  Our 7-year-old son Joshua in particular experiences anxiety, sensory processing difficulties, and frequent emotional overwhelm as he navigate his world. While it has been a stressful and sometimes a heartbreaking journey, I have remained hopeful that the right support could make a profound difference for our family.  

That hope has now become a reality. Last May, we received the call that Joshua had been selected to receive an autism assistance dog from AADI (Autism Assistance Dog Ireland). Next week, Baron will join our family . Baron is an Austism assistance dog, and has been expertly 
trained to provide Joshua with practical support. The impact of this assistance dog will extend far beyond Joshua. As a family, we have struggled to find effective ways to help Joshua feel safe and secure. The constant worry about meltdowns and emotional dysregulation has taken a significant toll. With Baron by his side, I anticipate Joshua will develop greater confidence and independence, which will lift a weight off our entire household. We will be able to enjoy more quality time together without the ever-present stress. In the coming weeks and months, I look forward to observing the bond that develops between Joshua and his new best friend Baron. I am hopeful this partnership will lead to meaningful transformations that enhance Joshua's quality of life and positively impact our whole family. This gift from AADI represents the support we have been seeking, and I am grateful for the opportunity it presents. 

I'm taking on the Gap of Dunloe Walk!

Thank you for supporting me as I take on the Gap of Dunloe Walk. I am delighted to be taking part in this unique fundraiser organised by Corcoran's Furniture and help raise vital funds for the training of life transforming Autism Assistance Dogs. With your donation, we can continue to transform the lives of children with autism.

It costs €25,000 and takes 2 years to train and place an Assistance Dog. They do not charge families for these life transforming dogs. The charity is entirely supported by fundraising and donations. Please donate what you can and support me and this wonderful charity.

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I'm guessing you're going to make me walk this too


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Good luck on walking the 11k


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Good luck mom


Michelle Corcoran

It's a great cause that has been an amazing impact to my family