Walking into the spring for autism 💜

By Esther Aherne Join Me

Hi there , I am doing this fundraiser for it's a cause close to my heart 💜 I won't be running due to my back going everytime I do, but I'll gladly walk the 80k if it helps raise much needed funds 🥰
Anything anyone can donate, I'd greatly appreciate it. 
You can donate on here , or donate through my PayPal and I'll transfer it to here. Also if you want to donate cash I can donate it here for you also. 

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Brian Aherne

You'll knock it out of the park (walkway)


Natalie Cotter

Amazing Cause 💜 Well done 👏


Janice 0'donovan

Best of 🤞 luck


Leanne Mc Dowell

Fantastic cause x





Well done girl great cause


Carol Carey



Aidan Mullane

FairPlay Ess nice one 😊


Emma Mccarthy

Go on Esther! Not a bother to you. Well done x